Sit back and relax in a picturesque barn while you taste some of our favorite fall foods! Turkey legs, barbeque pulled pork sandwiches, grilled burgers, pizza, and all beef hotdogs to name a few. Our signature items include our amazing kettle corn, our hand-dipped carmel apples, and our homemade fudge made with real butter and cream.

Jack O' Shooter

Had a long day at work and eager for a little target practice? Try out a corn cannon and arch your projectile to the sky to hit various targets.

Rolling Racers

One of the biggest fascinations our children had is the way a “roly poly” (aka pill bug) can turn into a ball. Make your childhood dreams come true by rolling into your own ball and racing your friends and family down the track.

JJ's Corn Maze

Skinny Bones' 10-acre corn maze is our most popular attraction. With twists and turns along the way, it will be hard to find your way! Challenge your friends to our scavenger hunt, grab your punch card, and search for the punch stations hidden throughout the maze. If you complete all, your master maze status leaves you with new bragging rights and a lucky prize!

PeeWee Maze

Don’t want to send your young ones venturing off into the large maze? No worries, we get it. That’s why we have a one-acre, one path and you’re out maze. Experience the “corn maze feel,” without wrong turns or dead ends.


Dueling tower slides that are scary fast! Race your friends down 60 feet of darkness and see who reaches the end of the tunnel first. This attraction is a birthday party favorite and loads of fun for spectators to enjoy as well.

Haley Boo's Petting Zoo

Nicknamed after our third daughter, this petting zoo is full of fuzzy and fluffy farm animals. Pet or feed them to your hearts desire and let your kids have a memorable, ‘hands on’ experience.

Giant Jump Pillow

This pillow is a ‘mammoth’, and kind of like a massive trampoline. Soar to new heights or let your kids release their endless energy on this family friendly exercise pillow.

Pedal Karts

Eager for a little healthy competition? Jump aboard a pedal cart and challenge your family or friends to a lap or two around our speedway with twists and turns to maneuver. Karts are available for all ages with a separate track for the little ones.

Jeffy's Pumpkin Patch

It’s nostalgic to see a patch where you can pick real pumpkins off of the vine. Skinny Bones owner, Jeff (we call him Jeffy), has been growing pumpkins since he was just about the size of…. well, a pumpkin. We believe that the backbone of our farm is the patch and we hope you think so too.

Hayrack Rides

Enjoy the crisp fall breeze and beautiful farmland as you ride down dirt roads. You can even stop off along the way to hand pick your own pumpkin at Jeffy’s Pumpkin patch. Take a break from the busyness of life on this refreshing country ride.

Mad Cow Ride

Yeehaw! Let your kids hop on a cart for an exciting ride across skinny bones. This ride travels at slow speeds and is entertaining for kids of any age.

Nerf Gun War Zone

Ready, set, game on! Challenge your friends to a Nerf gun war and dodge around obstacle to avoid getting hit. We provide the Nerf guns and foam darts.

Face Painting

Let your family explore their creativity at our Skinny Bones Face Painting Station. Our spooktacular face painters will put fun designs on your little ghouls or goblins, and you can even get a signature painting of your choice.

Eerie Trail

Ready for a wild adventure full of hair-raising excitement? The Eerie trail is a creepy fall journey, complete with unusual sights, scary surprises, and an optional “time-warping” trek through the vortex tunnel. Things may seem a bit out of place along this trail, but don’t worry you’ll be back in regular ole’ Nebraska once you’re through…

House of Mystery

Legend has it that a tornado hit the farm in 1912 that never really left. Since then, it’s been contained in this retired machine shop. All becomes a mystery when you step into this slanted building. Try to keep a “level” head in here, as gravity may offset your balance.

Corn Pool

This “sandbox” of pure corn is the perfect place to hang out with your kids while they play away with trucks and shovels. Encourage your kids to pursue our Cornhusker heritage by exploring this pool of corn.


Rest with your group next to a nice fire, with two picnic tables provided! Available contact us to reserve a bonfire. Visit pricing for more information.